Every client has the right to have services performed within the agreed scope in such a way that expectations and requirements are fulfilled. In case of non-fulfilment, HCA requests information necessary for improvements.  

In case of a difference of opinion with assessors or HCA itself, each client has the right to submit an appeal or a complaint against a decision.

In the first instance, complaints should be expressed verbally or in writing to the CEO of HCA. If a solution cannot be worked out between the client and the CEO, as a next level the HCA Impartiality Committee may be appealed to in writing.  A failure to resolve complaint after detailed consideration may be referred for judicial arbitration.


In the event of failure to resolve a major complaint through the process of Appeals and Complaints, independent arbitration may be deployed.  This is particularly relevant to case of serious complaints and in cases of dispute over evaluations or the issue, suspension or withdrawal of a certificate.  Prerequisite for independent arbitration is an agreement by both parties to have the matter in dispute resolved without resorting to any further legal action (arbitration agreement), along with a jointly-prepared written presentation of the situation.