El-Mouehly v Q Society & Ors
Supreme Court Defamation Proceedings No. 20141377391

On Monday 27th Februrary 2017, the parties in these proceedings have settled their legal dispute and intend to move forward without engaging in further disputation.

None of the parties, in expressing their views, had any intention to defame the other and each regrets that occurring. Mr El-Mouelhy has lived in Australia since 1975 and became an Australia citizen in 1981. He is a frequent and substantial contributor to Muslim and non-Muslim charities, including donations to specific projects for the protection of the poor and disadvantaged. The Q Society its board members and Kinalie Smith did not intend to suggest that the profits of Mr El- Mouelhy’s halal certification business were in any way improperly used.

The Q Society its board members and Kirralie Smith apologise to Mr El-Mouehly for the hurt caused to him as a result of the publications the subject of the proceedings.

In light of the above apology Mr El-Mouehly withdraws the comments he made about the Q Society, its board members and Kinalie Smith in response to their publications.